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911 PC Rescue provides professional services and technology expertise for all phases of the network life cycle. Ourprofessionally trained and certified engineers are technical experts who provide consistent, high-quality service that allows you maximum control and utilization of your network.
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We offer the following network services:


1. Network Planning

911 PC Rescue assists you to create a plan that outlines key deliverables and measurement criteria. 911 PC Rescue assures the quality of its projects by working closely with the customer in all phases of delivery. We provide customers with technical reviews of their current network operations and future network requirements. 911 PC Rescue also conducts ongoing progress appraisals to guarantee that projects are completed to your satisfaction.

Network Planning
services encompass the following elements:

  • Defining client business requirements
  • Developing strategic information architectures
  • Performing network baseline audits
  • Preparing capacity plans for the physical network, logical transport and services
  • Selecting preferred technology
  • Conducting network security audits and planning.

2. Network Design

911 PC Rescue assists customers with their operational network infrastructures. 911 PC Rescue recommends the specific hardware/software technologies to be used and plans how these technologies will be configured and integrated. These services include how the new technology will integrate into the customer's existing hardware and software and ongoing network management.

Our Network Design services include:

  • Defining functional requirements
  • Developing multi-vendor integration plans
  • Preparing technical design documentation
  • Developing engineering specifications and documents
  • Providing detailed component purchasing lists

3. Network Implementation

The network implementation phase includes value-added services such as project management, IP addressing and router configuration. 911 PC Rescue has built implementation expertise in integrating new networking systems without disrupting ongoing business operations.

911 PC Rescue customizes its implementation plans for each customer so that they may include the following activities:

  • Integrating network management platforms
  • Implementing remote access technology
  • Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems and facilities
  • Build Network Management Centers

4. Network Operations

911 PC Rescue assists you with the ongoing tasks necessary to keep your network fully operational. We are experts with Internet (TCP/IP) and workgroup (Microsoft) protocols.

Specific Operations activities include:
  • Network administration, including management of user accounts,service level monitoring, and network accounting practices
  • Network utilization analysis, including ongoing measurement of network activity against established network baselines
  • Ongoing documentation of physical assets, logical topologies, policies and procedures
  • Network troubleshooting, fault detection, isolation, repair and restoration
  • Alarm management, problem diagnosis, and dispatch of service resources
  • Network backup, including disaster recovery procedures Routine moves, additions, and changes

5. Network Optimization

911 PC Rescue network optimization services maximize the rate of return of your enterprise network investments. We offer both long-term and short-term optimization services. Our long-term services address cost containment and network utilization issues related to the network architecture and infrastructure. Short-term projects are designed to identify tactical alternatives to optimize workgroup, departmental, building, or campus network investments. Finally, 911 PC Rescue can assist in optimizing "logical" networks by addressing a protocol, service or application that operates in the larger context of the your enterprise network.

Network Optimization services include:

  • Bandwidth allocation analysis and recommendations
  • Network traffic analysis and recommendations
  • Network process re-engineering
  • Knowledge transfer to client personnel on key networking issues and topic

6. Technology Expertis

911 PC Rescue has in-depth, specialized expertise in the design and optimization of TCP/IP networks. Our network systems engineers have demonstrated proficiency in both legacy and emerging networking disciplines. Our WAN expertise includes commercial transport technologies (frame relay, ATM, T1/T3 leased lines with HDLC, SONET, SMDS, ISDN, and X.25), interior and exterior routing protocols (IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, and RIPv2), and commonly used network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX, Apple). We also have extensive network design and implementation experience with high-performance LANs and switching technology and products.


7. Network Management Systems and Strategies

Our network management capabilities include:

  • Design and implementation of network operations/management centers
  • Design of distributed network management systems, selection, installation
  • Integration of network management platforms and integration with alarm managers

8. Network and Host Security

911 PC Rescue's network and host security skills include evaluation and documentation of security policies, selection and installation of Internet and Intranet firewalls, secure remote access solutions, identification and installation of various security tools, audits of server and workstation security, and training of clients on security topics. Our specialized expertise includes firewall design, remote access design, authentication, server, host, and workstation industry best practices, new security protocols (S/WAN, SHTTP, SSL) and high performance secure platforms.

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